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POLI SCI 171: California Politics: Statistics + Data

This guide provides resources for the PS171 initiative case study and term paper assignments.

UC Berkeley Data Resources

These links will guide you to various sources for statistics and data.

If you are interested in manipulating a dataset on your own, please visit the Doe Library's Data Lab in 189 Doe.

UC Data provides access to a broad range of computerized social science data to faculty, staff, and students at UC Berkeley.

The Statewide Database is the Redistricting Database for the State of California. On this site, you will find voting, registration and geographic datasets for the State of California for statewide elections beginning in 1992.

Statistical Sources

California Statistics
This guide provides quick access to many statistical reports and agencies by subject.

California Statistical Abstract
Compilation of data on social, economic, and physical aspects of the State. The contributor for each table is given at the bottom of the table and may be contacted for more details or an explanation of the data.

RAND State Statistics
Statistics include: business and economics; population and demographics; education; community; health and socioeconomic; government finance; census; politics and public opinion. Also includes an online index to RAND public policy and research publications. Users looking for more detailed data on California and Texas should visit our RAND California and RAND Texas sites.

Data Planet
Provides easy access to a wide variety of economic, social, political, and marketing indicators

American Factfinder (U.S. Census Bureau)
Searchable database used to find online source for accessing population, housing, economic and geographic data from the from the U.S. Census, including the Census of Population and Housing and the American Community Survey. After the 2000 census, the detailed census "long form" was replaced by the American Community Survey, a sample distributed to about 3% of households annually, as compared to the decennial census long form which went to 1 in 6 households every 10 years. The current version of American Factfinder contains 2010 and 2000 census data only. Historical versions of the census in PDF may be found on the Historical Census of Population and Housing site.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Presents up-to-date U.S. economic statistical information in areas such as 'Inflation and Spending' and 'International Statistics.' Also available are the latest numbers for the Consumer Price Index, unemployment rate, and the Producer Price. Provides past and current statistics for the U.S. economy as a whole; regional economic data can be obtained by clicking the state on a color-coded map.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
Consortium of 325 institutions working together to acquire and preserve social science data. Maintained at University of Michigan, ICPSR receives, processes, and distributes data on social phenomena in 130 countries. Includes survey data, census records, election returns, economic data, and legislative records.


Public Opinion

Field Poll
An independent, non-partisan, media-sponsored public opinion news service. Each year the poll covers a wide range of political and social topics examining California public opinion. Many available in hardcopy at the IGS Library. Poll reports 1993-2016 archived at Internet Archive. Raw data files are available from UC Data.

PPIC Statewide Surveys (Public Policy Institute of California)
Launched in 1998 with the purpose of "providing independent, objective information on the social, economic, and political forces affecting California elections and public policy preferences."

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Contains domestic and international survey data. The Center's Public Opinion Location Library (iPOLL) gives online access to a database including poll questions asked in US from 1936 to present.


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