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Data Acquisition and Access Program: FAQ

The Data Purchase Program invites applications from UCB researchers in all disciplines.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What datasets are included under the data purchase program?
    1. The primary intention of the program is to create a way for students, faculty and staff to get access to licensed or restricted data that requires some type of end-user agreement to terms of use.  As a result this can include any type of data, including data that must be used in a cold-room environment.  Decisions about specific datasets are made ona  case-by-case basis.
  2. What if I already have some data and would like it to be included?
    1. Already licensed or acquired data can be included in the program as long as the license under which the data was acquired supports campus-wide use and does not have a limited number of uses available. To get more information about whether or not the data set you have can be included get in touch with
  3. How are the Library and D-Lab supporting this program?
    1. In order to support this program the library is providing collections funding to purchase, acquire and make accessible the data.  The D-Lab is contributing resources to capture use agreements, store the data and provide access to certain types of very restricted data.   Subject-domain experts are available in the library and the D-Lab to help users make use of the datasets.
  4. Who can I reach out to with more questions?
    1. For more information email
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