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Marine & Freshwater Ecology: Reference

Selected Resources

Animal Diversity Web
Site contains species accounts and taxonomic data for a wide array of animal species. Higher taxa have overview entries. Maintained by University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology,

inspired by worldwide amphibian declines, this site serves as a clearinghouse for information about amphibian conservation and biology. Part of the Digital Library Project at UC Berkeley. 

Birds of North America
database available to the UC Berkeley community, features detailed species accounts of every bird species in North America, prepared by experts on the species.

database on the ecology, life history, distribution, and more of fish species around the globe. see tool to create lists of fish species by country. 

Herplit Database
database of literature related to amphibians and reptiles. 

Mammalian species
Taxonomic information about mammals, numbers 1-761 of the American Society of Mammalogists’ Mammalian Species accounts.

PrimateLit: database of primate-related books and literature, funded by an NIH grant to support primate research.

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