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Marine & Freshwater Ecology: Statistics

US Data and Statistics

Public access to machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.
Ecological Society of America Data Registry
Global Population Dynamics Database
NatureServe: Data, Maps and Tools
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) Data Repository
Searchable and browsable
Data Sources & Guides to Data Sources at Google Advanced Search
Try searching with Microsoft Excel (.xls) selected as file type.
ICPSR: the Inter-University Consortium for Social and Political Research
Access to very large computer data files in the social sciences, including election results, polls, surveys, and census.
Data Use Tutorial for ICPSR
ProQuest Statistical DataSets Statistical data tool that lets you trend, rank, and map statistics from hundreds of public domain and licensed datasets.
Find datasets in British Library catalog

Pangaea: Publishing Network for Geoscientific & Environmental Data

International repository of data underlying peer-reviewed articles in the basic and applied biosciences

Data Files (Science and Technology Government Information Sources wiki)
Federal, state, international, foreign DOE Data Explorer
Biodiversity Searchable Databases and Datasets
from Biodiversity Web Resources, compiled by John Creech, Fall 2012
Data Portal, The Open Data Hub of the European Union – Registry of Research Data Repositories (formerly Databib)
A searchable list of data repositories
Scientific Data
OpenData (ArcGIS)
Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB)
international repository for ecological and environmental research - select data sources before search
BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine - choose Primary Data before searching
Earth, ecology, environment, and geosciences repositories


Agricultural Issues Center [UC Davis]

Census of Agriculture [USDA]

California Natural Resources Agency (CERES)

Economic Research Service Publications [USDA]

Envirofacts - Environmental information and data [EPA

FDA Food Code. [FDA] |
The 2013 Food Code is the most recent full edition published by FDA.  The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Local, state, tribal, and federal regulators use the FDA Food Code as a model to develop or update their own food safety rules and to be consistent with national food regulatory policy.

Researching Food Policy Legislation [UC Berkeley Library] - A gateway to scientific information produced by US government agencies

SAGE - Sustainable Agriculture Education [Berkeley, CA]

USDA Agricultural Statistics

World Bank Data, see topics list


Data U.S.

Data Sources — USA

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