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Water Resources: Company / Industry

Industry Research

Business Monitor Online
Quarterly market forecast reports on 14 industry sectors in 55 countries including Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals.

Cleantech i3
Insights into cleantech companies. PASSWORD REQUIRED; ask at Library Reference Desk for assistance. UCB access only

Energy Central Professional
News, data, company profiles for oil, gas, nuclear, and alternative energy sectors.

Engineering Case Studies Online:
Material on engineering failures and successes. Covers documentaries, accident reports, experiments, visualizations, case studies, lectures and interviews from leading engineering institutions around the world. UCB.

IBIS World Industry Market Research
Research reports on U.S. industries, data includes market size, market share, major players, industry trend analysis. For industry information on China, see IBIS World: China and Global

Market Research Academic
Reports on energy: alternative and emerging markets and components such as wind, geothermal, ocean tidal, biofuels, energy services, solar, smart grid, advanced batteries, etc. UCB.

ProQuest Regulatory Insight
Administrative law histories organized by public law. Provides search to facilitate research into U.S. regulatory history. [1936-2016]

S & P's Capital IQ: Standard & Poor's Netvantage
Industry Profiles analyze 52 major industries, trends, key ratios and statistics, major players, operating conditions, and more. Industries include natural gas, oil & gas equipment and services, and oil & gas production and marketing.


Access World News.
U.S. International & California newspapers, Los Angeles, major metropolitan, Spanish-language news. [1978- present].

Business & Industry Database
Covers major U.S. and international trade journals, business publications, and national & regional newspapers and newsletters.

News from local, national and international newspapers, business magazines, trade publications, and news wires. Includes The Wall Street Journal [1979-present] and the Financial Times.

Hoover's Online
Contains profiles of companies including history, financials, competitors, etc.

Mergent Online.
Best source for public company financials and SEC documents [1994-present].

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Directory of US manufacturers, distributors and service providers with product details, include CAD drawings & product specifications.

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