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IAS 102 Honors: Scope and Methods of Research in International and Area Studies: Gov Info

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) information on the Internet can be located using the following directories  and the NGO search engine below. Please also see the UCB Library Research Guide on this topic.

NGO Custom Search Engine

Bay Area Volunteer Information Center. Search and browse for Bay Area Nonprofits of interest.  

CGS PolicyArchive. Good resource for a range of full-text documents produced by think tanks (non-profit research organizations) in the United States.

​Eldis.  Materials on development, policy, practice and research.  Thousands of full text documents free to download as well as resource guides and country profiles. 

Idealist.Org. Includes organizations by name, mission, focus country and more. Great to search for organizations the Bay Area.

TakingITGlobal. International non-profit centered on young people. Good source of NGO information by country and area of focus. 

United States Government

Govscan. Google Custom search engine that searches state and  local government websites. Search the entire web site or limit by state.

DDRS (Declassified Documents Reference System). Documents declassified via the Freedom of Information Act and regular declassification requests. 

Digital National Security Archive. Declassified documents spanning fifty years of US national security policy. Also includes a chronology, events, terms, and a bibliography for collections developed around a specific event, controversy, or policy decision.

Homeland Security Digital Library. Records for documents on homeland security strategy, policy and research published by international, federal, state and local government agencies as well as research institutions, universities and think tanks. 

ProQuest Congressional. Provides indexing and abstracts of congressional publications back to 1789, including full text of published Congressional Hearings, full text Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and more.

International Development Organizations

The following directories and custom search engines may be used to locate development projects and interventions from International Development & Relief Organizations.

IGO Custom Search Engine

Human Development Report LibraryThe web site includes the UNDP flagship publication the Human Development Report, as well as national human development reports from countries and regions.

OECD iLibrary. Online library from the OECD,  an international organisation that specializes in development assistance information.

World Bank E-library. Database of full-text World Bank publications.  See also their Open Knowledge Repository.

UNBIS.  UN Documents system catalog - use for exhaustive searches of UN documentation

United Nations Refugee Agency.   Stories and information about the UN's work for refugees around the world as well as searchable databases.

  • Publications - See especially the Global Report and Global Appeal.
  • Refworld - Searchable database on UN Refugee Literature.
  • Statistics and Data.  Statistics and data on asylum seekers, displaced persons, and persons of concern.

United Nations Treaty Body Search.  Searchable database all the documents submitted to or issued by UN treaty-based monitoring committees.  Includes state "periodic" reports and UN commmittee concluding observations, as well as NGO documents.

UN Women. United Nations entity working for the empowerment of women and girls (formerly known as UNIFEM).

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