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College Writing R4B: Monsters and Modernity: Books

Reference sources and readers

Below are some examples of kinds of sources that might be helpful early in the research process. 

To find this kind of thing search for:

author name or topic keyword +  antholog* OR reader OR companion OR encycloped* OR dictionar*

OskiCat Tips

  • Search for author using the author search: Shelley, Mary
  • Use an asterisk as a wildcard: litera* finds literature, literary, literally, etc.
  • Limit results by language (Modify search)
  • You can browse topics using the Subject links. When you're in the record for a relevant book, look for subject links like these to connect to a list of related materials:

Limit your search results

Limit to specific libraries to hone your results by choosing the Entire Collection dropdown in OskiCat:

limit your results


Some items in OskiCat are located in the NRLF, which stands for the Northern Regional Library Facility,  a UC Library storage facility in Richmond, CA. You can easily get ahold of most items in NRLF by selecting the Request link:
screenshot of making an NRLF request

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