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HA 192H.1 Middle East Conceptualisms: Quick Links

Women in Crystal Cubes

Works by Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq. 2016
Image courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation

What is included

This course page provides easy and quick access to books, articles, images, short entries through bibliographies and encyclopedias, and other online resources related to the Middle East Art Conceptualism. 

Quick Start Resources

Start your Search to find: books and ebooks from Oskicat; ebook databases; and some (but not all) articles from databases such as JSTOR, Project Muse, EBSCO, and more.

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Use OskiCat to locate materials in the UC Berkeley libraries including: books and e-books; and journal, magazine and newspaper titles (but not individual articles).

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Use Melvyl to locate materials at UC Berkeley, the other UC campuses, or worldwide.

Journal Databases

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