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Caribbean Studies: Other Formats

A guide for those interested in the literature, culture, society and history of the Caribbean.

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Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) houses rare and uncommon primary resources from all over the world. In an effort to make their resources readily available, the subject specialists at the CRL created guides listing materials in their holdings, as well as promote initiatives relating to resource access.

  • The Latin American Studies guide lists the materials in the CRL about and from Latin America, ranging from archives to newspapers.
  • The Latin American Materials Project (LAMP) is the CRL's effort to digitize and microfilm unique and rare pieces from Latin America. It is particularly strong in Brazilian materials, Haitian imprints, and ministerial documents from the entire region.
  • The Latin Americanist Research Resource Project (LARRP) is a collaborative effort to improve access to research resources from Latin America. UC Berkeley is one of over fifty institutions involved in LARRP. 

You can find more titles in the CRL through Melvyl.  

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