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Databases, useful websites,and books at UCBerkeley for international business research.

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Country and Global Reports



Market Research

Country Finance

Economist Intelligence Unit Country Commerce
51 countries. A practical reference guide to specific operating conditions, commercial laws and business regulations. How to obtain proper permit and registrations, how to protect intellectual property, how to comply with local tax laws-including e-commerce rules.

Economist Intelligence Unit Country Finance
45 countries - Comprehensive guide to changes in financial services, operating conditions, tax laws and investment opportunities. Cash management and short-term investment options, bank and non-bank credit, equity and debt financing, and markets for stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives.

International Financial Statistics (IFS)
International Monetary Fund. Monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics from 1948+. Primarily dealing with banking, finance, and money statistics in a time series, it also includes population, GDP, production, consumption, government expenditures, export/import, balance of payments, etc. for IMF member countries.

OECD iLibrary
Comprehensive statistics and chapters and/or books on various themes for OECD countries - includes a fair amount for non-OECD countries

World Investment and Political Risk
Political risk perceptions, foreign investment intentions, and longer-term demand for political risk insurance (PRI), especially in emerging economies.

World Investment Report (United Nations)
Analysis of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) as it relates to development for previous year, ranking of largest transnational corporations, in-depth analysis for selected FDI topics, and statistics for 196 countries



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