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Guide to selected case studies resources.

Case Studies

Business schools are the source for case studies. Schools do not sell case studies to libraries but instead sell them either directly to students or make them available through a case studies aggregator site. Generally case studies cost 6-10 dollars to purchase. Some case studies are published in book collections and on rare occasions as journal articles.


Search OskiCat for case studies by doing a keyword search for "case studies" (in quotes) with another keyword. To browse by subject heading, construct your subject heading as (subject) -- case studies. Examples of subject headings include strategic planning -- case studies, management -- case studies, entrepreneurship -- case studies, high technology industries -- case studies, internet marketing -- case studies, etc.

There are over 3000 books with case studies in the library catalog. Selected titles include:

International Business Case Studies (selected titles):

Search Oskicat for subject: International business enterprises -- Case studies

Strategic Management Case Studies (selected titles):

Search Oskicat for subject: Strategic planning -- Case studies.

Management Case Studies (selected titles):

Subject Guide

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