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Statistics and Data for City Planning: International

Statistics and Data for City Planning is a bibliographic research guide to UC Berkeley library and Web resources for socioeconomic and demographic data and statistics relevant to city planning.

General Sources

Data in these sources are reported primarily by country.

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  • National censuses. National censuses are published in paper (primarily shelved in Doe Library) and on the web. To locate paper censuses, search the OskiCat catalog by subject: [name of country] -- Census; you may limit your search by date of publication. To locate censuses on the web, visit the web site of the national statistical agency of the country in question. 

Non-Governmental Sources

United Nations

 1999 | 2001 | 2003 | 2005 | 2007

World Bank

Regional Data Sources: International

These sources are organized by region, and provide individual country as well aggregated data. 

See these links for more information.

City Data Sources: International

Note that local data is sometimes also available on official city web sites and in national census reports.

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