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SOC WEL 181: Social Science and Crime Prevention Policy: Find Articles

Course Assignment

From Professor Skeem: At the heart of your presentation are the references that you identify through your literature search.   You are required to turn in an annotated bibliography in APA format that summarizes the key articles you rely upon to develop your presentation. You must have at least ten references in your bibliography. Of these, at least eight must be to original empirical articles (including meta-analyses) from the professional literature – not books, review chapters, popular press articles, the internet, etc.

Find Articles

We have hundreds of research databases which help you find articles (and more) on a wide variety of topics. They are organized according to academic discipline, by name, or by type of database (dissertations, e-books, etc.)

UC eLinks and Citation Linker

Sometimes the database you search doesn't link to the fulltext -- it only gives the citation. Click the UC e-links button to see if Berkeley has it online, and if not, it will check for a print version.  And if we don't have it at all, it lets you request it through Interlibrary Loan.

What if there isn't a UC e-links button??? Sometimes you find an article in a bibliography, a book or a footnote -- and you want to see if we have it. The Citation Linker searches through our online databases to see if it's available fulltext. If not, it sets up a search for the paper journal in Melvyl. And if we don't have it at Berkeley, it lets you request it through Interlibrary Loan.


"The essential meaning of the term is that objective knowledge from scientific research including rigorous evaluation studies should occupy a central place in policy decision making. Seeking rigorous and reliable knowledge and promoting its utilization within the policy process are core features of an evidence-based policy approach." (From the International Encyclopedia of the Behavioral Social Sciences: Policy Analysis: Evidence-Based Policy-Making)

What is an EMPIRICAL article?

Structure of Empirical Articles

From the assignment: "The prototypic key source will describe the results of a research study (with introduction, method, results, and discussion sections) and will be published in a high profile general journal (e.g., Criminology, Psychological Bulletin) or specialty journal (e.g., Law & Human Behavior, Criminal Justice & Behavior, Psychology, Public Policy & Law)."

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