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Old Fort in Buenos Aires

Old Fort, Buenos Aires [picture taken by J. Dorner]
Welcome to the Latin American History Guide. This guide provides links to the most useful databases and resources for researching the history of Latin America. Use the tabs to navigate through the pages of this guide.


General history databases and resources can be found on the History Guide.

Articles - major databases that index scholarly material on Latin American history

Books - resources for identifying books

Encyclopedias - background information on Latin American history

Bibliographies - printed and online works that list scholarly material on Latin American history

Primary Sources by Region - includes subdivisions of Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, and South America

Diplomatic Records - US and UK records on Latin America

Bancroft Library - links to Bancroft's description of its Latin Americana collection

Maps - links to a guide on locating maps for Latin America

Slavery - resources specific to the subject of slavery and including Latin America


Many thanks to Theresa Mudrock, from whom I borrowed the organizational structure (and some content) for this guide.

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