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Microforms: Scanning to USB drive / Printing

Scanning to USB drive

Microform scanner/printer machines at U.C. Berkeley, allow users to scan pages to a USB drive for free. 

Files can be saved as PDF, JPG, TIFF & PNG files, in either single page or multi-page files. 

These files can be transferred to a laptop or sent as attachments to email from public computers in the library using a Calnet Login.  

Ask the helpful News/Micro Library staff for assistance with scanning to a USB drive.

Scanning to Print

To print directly from scanner/printer machines:

UCB Students, Faculty and Staff: 
may use Cal ID Card using their CalNet ID login to send the page files to the printer in News/Micro. Visit Cal ID Card  site to add value to card. 


Non-UCB patrons:
may obtain a Guest Card, at News/Micro Public Service Desk, or other U.C. Berkeley Libraries in order to print.  Visit Guest Card site to add value to Guest Card.


Printing cost

Please note: for ease of use, it is recommended scanning to a USB drive; then send files as attachments to email or upload to your laptop.  Only a single page can be printed at a time, not multi-page files. 

Ask News/Micro Library staff for assistance. 

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