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Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands IB158 / ESPM 107: Protocols

IB158 / ESPM 107 - Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands

What is a protocol?

In science a protocol is a predefined written procedural method in the design and implementation of experiments. Protocols are written whenever it is desirable to standardize a laboratory method to ensure successful replication of results by others in the same laboratory or by other laboratories.

Selected Protocol databases

PubMed - resource for finding recent protocols.

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols: full-text published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

Current Protocols [Wiley]
Access to Current Protocols in Toxicology,  bioinformatics, Control Protocols in Field Analytical Chemistry, and

Methods in Enzymology

Nature Protocols

Springer Protocols
includes Methods in Molecular Biology and Methods in Molecular Medicine. Covers: biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics, microbiology, molecular and cell biology, neuroscience, oncology, and proteomics.

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