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UC OA Policy @ Berkeley

The UC Open Access Policy -- passed by the Academic Senate in 2013 -- ensures that research articles authored by UC faculty are made available free of cost to the general public and researchers worldwide at time of publication. UC Berkeley implementation of this policy began in November 2015 when faculty started receiving notifications of how to post their articles to eScholarship. Making one's research freely available online has the potential to increase the reach and visibility of research produced by Berkeley faculty.

What you need to do: check your email

UC Berkeley senate faculty should be receiving regular email.

  • From: UCB Open Access Team
  • Subject: UC Academic Senate Open Access Policy: Your Publications

These messages are generated by the UC Publications Management System (UCPMS) which automatically harvests references to your eligible articles.

  • Did UCPMS harvest too many articles? Did it not harvest enough? You may need to readjust your search settings.
  • Do you want to delegate someone else to manage your publications?
  • Do you want to learn about other features in the UCPMS (like how to generate a CV)?
  • Do you need help navigating the UCPMS software?

If you have questions ...

It's not supposed to be complicated!

  • The implementation system is designed to minimize the burden on faculty authors. NO author/publisher amendments. NO fees. NO paperwork.
  • Just continue to publish as you always have in all the same journals. You do not need to amend your author agreement and you do not need to pay any additional article processing charges.

But if you do run into complications ... just ASK!

Open Access Policy for the Academic Senate of the University of California - adopted July 2013

"The Faculty of the University of California is committed to disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible. In particular, as part of a public university system, the Faculty is dedicated to making its scholarship available to the people of California and the world. Furthermore, the Faculty recognizes the benefits that accrue to themselves as individual scholars and to the scholarly enterprise from such wide dissemination, including greater recognition, more thorough review, consideration and critique, and a general increase in scientific, scholarly and critical knowledge."

The complete text of the policy is available on the Office of Scholarly Communication website.