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Photography: A Quick Guide to Resources: Finding Articles

This is a quick guide to selected basic resources for the study of photography focusing on English language materials in the UC Berkeley libraries.

Off-campus Access to Library Resources

Before you can access Library resources from off campus make sure you have configured your computer with proxy server settings.

After you make a one-time change in your web browser settings, the proxy server will ask you to log in with a CalNet ID or Library PIN when you click on the link to a licensed resource.


A selection of current photography journals available at UCB. For other relevant journals, search OskiCat.

Article Databases

Search periodical or journal indexes or databases to find articles on photography. Some of the most important ones are listed below. For other more general databases, see Electronic Resources, General.

You can search Art Full Text, Art Index Retrospective, and Readers Guide simultaneously if you "Choose Databases"

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