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      Discuss the relative contributions of biological and environmental factors in the development of two different disorders.  Organize your essay in the following manner:

(1)   Outline and critically evaluate the existing empirical research evi­dence regarding

(a)   what is currently understood about causes of these two disorders, and

(b)   what we do *not* currently know, that researchers have yet to learn.

(2)   Explain what implications, if any, the research you've jut reviewed has for

(a)   intervention with, and

(b)   prevention of, the two target disorders.

Resources to Help Do This Assignment

PsycInfo -- great source for finding empirical articles!

DSM-5  -- good overview of the disorder, including what is known about causation.

PubMed -- massive archive of biomedical and life sciences articles, including psychiatry. 

What is an EMPIRICAL article?

According to Oxford Dictionaries Online,  Empirical: Based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic.

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