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Psychology 118: Neuroethics: Getting Started

About the course

Neuroethics is the study of ethical, social, and political issues arising from discoveries in neuroscience. Among the questions we may consider are: Can drugs make us happier or smarter? When does consciousness start in the animal kingdom and end from injury or disease? Can thoughts and lies be imaged? How does neuroscience impact on ethical and legal responsibility?


Oxford Clinical Psychology Over 200 titles in a broad range of specialty areas, disorders, and treatment modalities, including the Treatments That Work series.

Springer Electronic Book Package E-books in many fields including Social WorkSocial Policy and Psychology.

APA e-book collection Current e-books published by the American Psychological Association from 2009 to date.

ebrary Berkeley's largest e-book collection, with thousands of  titles on a wide range of subjects, including social work, education and psychology. Some advanced ebrary features require downloading reader software.

Wiley Online Library Ebook Collection Fulltext books in social welfare and psychology from 2011.

Oxford Scholarship Online: Psychology

MIT CogNet E-books in cognitive and brain sciences published by MIT.


Finding Articles

Annual Reviews in subjects such as Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Law and Social Science, and/or Sociology are searchable by topic and provide a great summary of recent research in a field.

PsycINFO Core index to articles in psychology. Many advanced features.

PubMed Indexes journals in medicine, psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.

Academic Search Complete Interdisciplinary database; strong in psychology and its related fields.

ProQuest Social Sciences  This search combines core indexes in the social sciences such as sociology, political science, and education in addition to psychology -- but the downside is it drops out the advanced search features. (Lowest common denominator!)

New York Times can be searched individually, or a huge combination of U.S. newspapers can be searched via LexisNexis.

Center for Neuroscience and Society from UPenn is highly recommended by Professor Gross for its neuroethics reading lists.

Find Books

UCB: Use OskiCat to find books related to your topic at UC Berkeley. Oskicat will show you where it's located, and will also show you the Library of Congress Subject Heading -- which can help you find material other relevant books.

UC: Not enough books  at Berkeley? Use Melvyl to find more books at other campuses in the UC system.  Clickon the REQUEST button (in the detailed view of a catalog record) to request the item through  Interlibrary Loan.

World: Still want more? You can search thousands of libraries through WorldCat on FirstSearch and then request the material through UC e-links or directly via Interlibrary Borrowing

Google Books: Library catalogs don't search inside of books. Google Books can help you identify the book you need, then click on "Find in a Library" to see if we have it.


Subject Guide

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Susan Edwards
Social Research Library
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720

Subjects:Social Welfare

UC eLinks and Citation Linker

Sometimes the database you search doesn't link to the fulltext -- it only gives the citation. Click the UC e-links button to see if Berkeley has it online, and if not, it will check for a print version.  And if we don't have it at all, it lets you request it through Interlibrary Loan.

What if there isn't a UC e-links button??? Sometimes you find an article in a bibliography, a book or a footnote -- and you want to see if we have it. The Citation Linker searches through our online databases to see if it's available fulltext. If not, it sets up a search for the item in Melvyl. And if we don't have it at Berkeley, it lets you request it through Interlibrary Loan.

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