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Bridges to Baccalaureate Summer Research Program: Finding Articles and More

Searching PubMed

PubMed top tips for better searching:

  1. Combine terms with AND or OR
  2. Use Filters (eg, Publication date, Language, etc.)
  3. Search for your term as a word in the title or title or abstract (using Filters, Advanced Search, or Field Tags)
  4. Use MeSH (Medical Subject Headings - PubMed's subject terminology), with subheadings
  5. Use the Similar Articles link, once you find a set of relevant citations

Other Scientific Article Databases

Remember those PubMed "Top Tips"?
Most are applicable to the databases below, as well as several other databases you may find yourself using.

The list below represents but a sample of the many databases available to find article and other citations.
See the Databases by Subject Guide for more; once there, click "All Subjects" and select your subject (ie, Bioengineering, Chemstry, etc.).
Ask a librarian for help if you are having trouble with your topic.

Searching Web of Science

Web of Science top tips for better searching:

  1. Use Filters (eg, publication date, Language, etc)
  2. Use the Search within results box to add another term to your search for more focused results.
  3. Click on the Times Cited link to the right of a citation to see all the articles that cited that one.

» Web of Science Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Databases of Non-Article Scientific Information


Find articles and books online, or find them at a UC Berkeley library by clicking UC-eLinks icon next to the citation in article databases.

  » Getting Started with UC-eLinks


Off Campus Access to Library Resources

Off-campus access is limited to current UCB faculty, staff and students. Choose one of the following methods:

When you click on a link to an article, database, etc., (in a browser or on a mobile device) you will be prompted to authenticate via CalNet.
When you click on a resource link found via a search engine or a non-UCB Library webpage, you will need to use a bookmarklet to access the licensed resource.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Download and install the VPN client to allow access the UC Berkeley licensed resources.
Make sure you select Library VPN when you log on

UC Berkeley Wi-Fi Options

Here is information on UCB Wi-Fi Options, including AirBears2 and Eduroam

Use Eduroam to access UC Berkeley online resources at UCB, or while at another participating institution.
AirBears2 only works at UCB.
CalVisitor is a public network and will not allow access to UCB licensed resources (articles, databases, etc.)

Both AirBears2 and Eduroam require you to set a Google Key

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