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Cal NERDS Library Session: Finding Articles and More



Access articles and books online,

or find them at a UC Berkeley library,

by clicking the UC-eLinks icon UC-eLinks icon next to the citation.

  » Getting Started with UC-eLinks


Searching PubMed

PubMed: Citations to millions of journal articles (and some books/book chapters),

PubMed top tips for better searching:

  1. Combine terms with AND or OR
  2. Use Filters (eg, Publication date, Language, etc.)
  3. Search for your term as a word in the title or title or abstract (using Filters, Advanced Search, or Field Tags)
  4. Use truncation (with a *)
  5. Use MeSH (Medical Subject Headings - PubMed's subject terminology), with subheadings
  6. Click the Similar Articles link for the best articles you find, to find more like those
  7. Always keep in mind the question you are trying to answer when creating a search strategy and when reviewing the articles you find

» PubMed Tips & Tricks: Basic search help. (From the UCB Public Health Library)

Proxy Server or VPN: Off-Campus Access

To use library databases from off campus,set up the proxy server: this changes your browser settings.

  • Different browsers [Firefox, Chrome, Safari...] have different instructions- they are all here.
  • You can set it up on multiple devices, including tablets and phones
  • You log in with your CalNet ID

Or, you can instead use the VPN

Searching Web of Science

Web of Science
Web of Science database includes journal articles across a wide range of disciplines. It offers powerful search and analysis tools to hone into the relevant articles for your research. The in-class exercise explores these tools.

» Web of Science Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Other Scientific Databases and Sources of Scientific Information

Remember those PubMed "Top Tips"?
Most are applicable to the databases below, as well as several other databases you may find yourself using.

The list below represents but a sample of the many databases available to find article and other citations
Ask a librarian for help if you are having trouble with your topic.

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