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PH 293: DrPH 1st Year Seminar Library Resources: Need Help?

Access to Online Library Resources & Help

Set up off-campus access to library resources (databases, online journals, etc.) using the Library proxy (now called EZproxy) or Library VPN
(This page has both set-up and troubleshooting information)

Information on UCB Wi-Fi Options, including AirBears2 and Eduroam
Use Eduroam to access UC Berkeley online resources while at another institution.
Both AirBears2 and Eduroam require you to set a Google Key.

Sheldon Margen Public Health Library hours:
Fall/Spring: M-Th 9-8, F 9-5, Sa-Su 1-5
Summer: M-F 10-5

Reference Services:

  • Students may email the Public Health Library reference staff for help with researching a topic, finding online resources, problems with VPN or Proxy Server, etc.
  • Call the Public Health Library Reference Desk: (510) 642-2511
  • Visit us in-person at 1 University Hall (in the basement):
    Reference Desk hours: M-F 2-4pm
  • Librarian spring 2018 office hours in the SPH DREAM Office: Mon 3-4; Thurs 3:45-4:45
    Or, make an appointment
  • 24/7 IM chat reference is also available

Writing Help @UCB

Here is a short list of sources of writing help available to UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty:

Ask a Librarian 24/7 Chat

You can type your question directly into this chat window to chat with a librarian. Your question may be answered by a reference librarian from Berkeley, from another UC campus, or another academic library elsewhere in the world.  We share information about our libraries to make sure you get good answers.

If the librarian can't answer you well enough, your question will be referred to a Berkeley librarian for follow-up.

Have fun chatting!

Help with Student Needs

More information may be found on the UCB Basics Needs website
Mental Health
Urgent Medical Needs
Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment
LGBTQ+/Gender Issues
Emergency Food
Emergency Cash
Emergency Housing
Undocumented Support
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