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PH 293: DrPH 2nd Year Seminar: Start

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        Presented by:   Debbie Jan (

        Bioscience, Natural Resources, & Public Health Library

        Monday-Thursday Phone: 510-643-8615
        Friday Phone: 510-643-7254


Before you start your literature search, be sure to define the question you are trying to answer.


  • Use My NCBI to:
    1. Create search alerts once you've found the right search statement
    2. Save your citations to a permanent place (Collections)
    3. See your search history
  • Make sure to do a MeSH term search and a keyword search. For the keyword search, be sure to exclude the MeSH articles by using NOT medline[sb] .
    » For example, (preterm AND Rwanda) NOT medline[sb]

Set Up Search Alerts

Most article databases will let you set up email alerts when articles matching your search criteria are added to the database. In general, you will need to set up an account first before alerts can be created. Below are a few public health databases.

PubMed: My NCBI
» Guide to setup/edit alerts

Web of Knowledge: includes Web of Science and Global Health.
» Guide to setup/edit alerts

» Guide to setup alerts

EBSCOhost Search Alerts: includes CINAHL Plus with Full Text and other databases.
» Guide to setup search alerts

ProQuest Auto Alerts: includes Agricola, Agricultural and Environmental Science, and other interdisciplinary databases.
» Guide to setup/edit alerts

Google Scholar Alerts

Topic Specific Databases

Continuing Your Literature Search

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