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OOMPH Library Resources: PHW 253 Outbreak Investigation: Ebola Resources

Ebola Research Guides

Ebola Outbreak 2014 - 2015: Information Resources

(from the Disaster Information Management Research Center, US National Library of Medicine, NIH)

An extensive guide that includes links to the following and much more:

  • U.S. Federal Organizations and Non-Federal Organizations
  • International Organizations/IGOs
  • Biomedical Journal Literature and Reports
      » Includes PubMed searches and Disaster Lit searches
  • Ebolavirus Information
  • Diagnostic Testing for Ebola
  • Ebola Treatment Drugs in Development & Trials
  • Situation Reports
Ebola Research Guide

(from Georgetown University)

This guide includes links to the following and more:

  • Recent Congressional Hearings
  • Presidential Statements
  • Other Congressional Information
  • US and International Health Information
  • News Organizations

Professional & Response Tools

Selected Documents & Publications

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