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Summer Seminar RefWorks Session: Home


Dinosaur in VLSB; click for library home page RefWorks!

Michael Sholinbeck (
Karen Andrews (


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Today's Exercise Set and Handout and Class Evaluation

Today's handouts are available online here:
  Exercise set: PDF | DOCX
  Outline: PDF | DOCX

At the end of today's session, please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation - thank you!

» More RefWorks tips, as well as information on EndNote, Zotero, and Mendeley, may be found here

Core Public Health Article Databases

Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library

Public Health Library

Questions? Ask a librarian!

We are located in the Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library

Drop by the Reference Desk  during open hours to speak with a librarian.

Or, email a librarian.

Here is more information on getting help with your research.

Access to Online Library Resources & Help

Set up off-campus access to library resources (databases, online journals, etc.) using the Library proxy or Library VPN
(This page has both set-up and troubleshooting information)

Information on UCB Wi-Fi Options, including AirBears2 and Eduroam
Eduroam allows you to access UC Berkeley online resources both at UCB, and while at participating institutions worldwide.
Both AirBears2 and Eduroam require you to set a Google Key.

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