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RefWorks for Summer Seminar: Shhhh.... Sneak Preview of SPH Library Orientation Session

Come to our orientation session!

SPH Library Orientation Sessions:

Monday August 21; Join us at either 2:00 PM, or at 3:15 PM

Sessions in 150 University Hall - bring your laptop if you can.

You asked, we answered...

Answers to the following questions will be provided at the SPH Library Orientation:

  1. How do I access electronic library resources (databases, journals, …) from off-campus, or from my laptop or mobile device?
  2. What databases should I use to find articles, etc., on Public Health topics? Is there anything besides PubMed?
  3. How do I find online journals and journal articles? Can I look up a known citation to see if it’s online?
  4. How do I find books (including course reserves), electronic books, journals, dissertations, reports, etc? And must I walk across campus to fetch a book from another UCB library?
  5. What books do I have checked out and how do I renew them?
  6. How do I get articles, books, etc. that are neither at a UCB library nor available online?
  7. Where can I get information on research methodology?
  8. How do I organize references, cite them correctly in my papers, and get help with academic writing? 
  9. What other online resources are available on my topic?
  10. How do I get help? Can I talk to a librarian at 3:00 AM? 
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