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Summer Seminar RefWorks Session: Shhhh.... Sneak Preview of SPH Library Orientation Session

Come to our orientation session!

SPH Library Orientation Sessions:

Monday August 20; Join us at either 2:00 PM, or at 3:15 PM

Sessions are in 145 Dwinelle Hall.

You asked, we answered...

Answers to the following questions will be provided at the SPH Library Orientation:

  1. How do I access electronic library resources (such as databases and articles) from off-campus, or from my laptop or mobile device?
  2. What databases should I use to find articles on Public Health topics? Is there anything besides PubMed?
  3. How do I find online journals and journal articles? Can I look up a known citation to see if it’s online?
  4. How do I find books (including course reserves), electronic books, journals, dissertations, reports, etc? And must I walk across campus to fetch a book from another UCB library?
  5. What books do I have checked out and how do I renew them?
  6. How do I get articles, books, etc. that are neither at a UCB library nor available online?
  7. How do I organize references, cite them correctly in my papers, and get help with academic writing? 
  8. What other online resources are available on my topic?
  9. Tell me about fun stuff, like free art and free streaming movies!
  10. How do I get help? Can I talk to a librarian at 3:00 AM? 
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