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Use this guide to locate resources on the design of sacred spaces.

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[place name] - Antiquities 
[place name] - Religious Institutions 
[place name] - Religious life and customs 

Architecture and religion 
Architecture, Early Christian. 
Architecture -- Psychological aspects 

Cathedrals - design and construction 
Christian art and symbolism 
Church architecture-- 
Church buildings - 
Church decoration and ornament 
Cultural Geography 

Earth - religious aspects 
Fire - religious aspects 

Historic Sites - [place name]
Historic Sites - [place name] 
Historical Markers - [place name] 

Liturgy and architecture 
Monuments - United States 

Pilgrims and Pilgrimages - [place name] 
Popular Culture 

Religion and geography 
Religion - comparative studies 
Religious groups or belief systems 

Sacred Groves 
Sacred Places 
Sacred Space 
Symbolism in Architecture-- 


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