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How to Search for Music in OskiCat: 2. Comprehensive Browse

Comprehensive Browsing by Composer Name

OskiCat is capable of browsing name + title combinations, which is a very effective way to generate an alphabetically-ordered, comprehensive list of pieces available at UC Berkeley written by a particular composer. This is a two-step process, beginning with a search by Author (Last Name, First). Enter the composer's last name in the search box; don't forget to limit the search to "Sound Recordings" or "Musical Scores" in the dropdown box if desired.

Clicking on the link to the composer name entered or the number of entries retrieved—1100 entries of scores by Claude Debussy in the example above—opens a page containing an alpha-numerically ordered list of works by the composer. Navigate the list using the "Jump To:" button at the bottom of the page and entering the title of the piece desired. The example below shows the bottom of the first page of results obtained by clicking the "entries" link above.

OskiCat Screen Shot

Enter the beginning of the title of the desired composition after the "Jump To:" button—even as little as the first letter of the title—and the display will skip ahead to the portion of the list that is of interest. As shown below, the list may even guide you to the preferred title for the piece you seek.

OskiCat Screen Shot

The ordered list indicates that "cathedrale engloutie" forms part of first book of piano preludes. Clicking on the link should retrieve a record for the item. Better yet, skipping forward in the list of Debussy's work to "Preludes, piano" will reveal more editions of music containing the desired item.

OskiCat Screen Capture

Another Search Method

You might also occassionally need to use an Advanced Keyword Search of OskiCat, where the search options and limits are more nuanced. This type of search is useful, for example, when you want to specify a particular format of sound recording, such as a CD or LP / vinyl. Please don't hesitate to stop by the reference desk for assistance in searching for music materials.

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