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South Asia Studies: Exhibits and Galleries


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Exhibits and Galleries




Seychelles, Sri Lanka. [Wikitravel]


General Asia 


Hundred Harvests exhibit

A Hundred Harvests: The History of Asian Studies at Berkeley

An online record of an exhibit of the same name held in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Doe Library, University of California, Berkeley from June 10, 1997 to February 1, 1998, A Hundred Harvests chronicles and illustrates more than a century of Asian studies teaching and research at Berkeley. The exhibit tells the story of Berkeley's Asian studies courses and programs. 


Double Ikat exhibit
The Power of Patterns: Double Ikat for Textile Exchange in India and Indonesia

The Power of Patterns is My Chau's honors thesis slide presentation exhibited ion the 2nd floor of the Doe Library from December 2, 2008 to December 11, 2009. It "highlights two distinctive types of textiles produced by tie-dying the warp and weft threads before they are woven, hence "double ikat": Patola in Gujarat, India and Geringsing in Bali, Indonesia.



South Asia 


Echoes of Freedom exhibit

Echoes of Freedom: South Asian Pioneers in California, 1899-1965

Based on the 2001 exhibit in Doe Library's Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Echoes of Freedom tells the story of Indian immigrants to California using materials from the South Asians in North America CollectionThis collection began in the 1960s as a selection of publications printed and distributed by the Ghadar Party, a nationalist organization founded by South Asian immigrants on the American and Canadian Pacific West Coast in 1913.

Silicon Raj exhibit

Silicon Raj: Making a Difference to America's Future

Silicon Raj is a photo documentary project that represents the photographer's "effort to provide the Indian community with a visual voice, so others will respect their ambitions, culture, music, and other social values, and to document the day to day life of a proud community."  Two of the project's stated goals are, first, to honor Indians' contributions to America in job creation, entrepreneurial leadership, and prosperity in an array of fields and industries, and, second, to call for the acknowledgement of their contributions while embracing their presence and continued integration. 

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