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Gadar Publications

Cover of Gadar (April 29, 1917). Weekly newspaper of the Gadar Party. This issue includes a long article on "self-defense" and also mentions the arrest of the editor and other Indians in San Jose.


Cover of India Against Britain by Ram Chandra. Published in San Francisco by the Gadar Party [1916]. Excerpts from articles that refute allegations made by loyalists to the British Raj.


Cover of Social Conquest of the Hindu Race and Meaning of Equality by Har Dayal. Published in San Francisco by the Gadar Party [n.d.], these two essays point to historical and political impediments to India's political and economic progress.


Cover of Independent Hindustan (March 1921). Published in San Francisco. This issue contains articles on Indian labor activists in Fiji, East African Indians opposing racial segregation, and residents of Boston and Cambridge supporting Indian independence.


Cover of India and Canada (Sept. 1929). Monthly published in Vancouver covering local and international news. This issue contains a photograph of Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore with Indian students at UC Berkeley.


Cover of Yugantar (June 1917). Started in 1917 by Bhai Bhagwan Singh and his associates. Published in San Francisco.


South Asians in North America Collections (formerly the Hindustan Gadar Collection)

The South Asians in North America collection is a gathering of printed materials and photographs related to Indian inhabitants in the United States, and specifically California, beginning in the late 19th century. A feature of this collection is the largest assembly of materials on the Hindustan Gadar Party in the United States. These materials include publications from the Gadar Party's movement, whose aim was to overthrow British rule and establish Indian independence, as well as related Indian and Canadian publications on social and political reform. 

The Gadar Party. The Gadar Party was active in the early decades of the 20th century and based in the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley. Most accounts of the Gadar Party cover the years between 1913 and 1917, with the former marking the arrival of Lala Har Dayal, visiting Stanford University professor and central figure of the movement, and the latter marking the year of San Francisco conspiracy trial. Today, the Gadar Memorial stands at 5 Wood Street in San Francisco where once stood the building that housed the Gadar headquarters until it was torn down in the 1950s. 

The South Asians in North America collection is housed as two separate collections in Berkeley's Bancroft Library.

From the South Asians in North America Collection, Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley.

There are also thousands of individually catalogued items on South Asians in North America in the Main Library, South/Southeast Asia Library and other campus collections. 

For an online exhibit that features a sampling of the collection, see Echoes of Freedom: South Asian Pioneers in California, 1899-1965 .


Gadar Hall, 5 Wood St., San Francisco

From the South Asians in North America Collection

California Photographs

The late Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) on a visit to California, probably in Los Angeles, sometime between November 5-14, 1961 (official visit to the US visiting Newport, RI, New York City, and Los Angeles).




Another photo of the late Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on a visit to California in 1961.







Rabindranath Tagore with Indian students at UC Berkeley (published in India and Canada, Sept. 1929).

Sikhs of the Sacramento Valley


From Allan Miller's "An Ethnographic Report on the Sikh (East) Indians of the Sacramento Valley" 
[unpublished thesis, UC Berkeley, Spring 1950], South/Southeast Asia Library Special Collections, UC Berkeley. 

A second copy of this dissertation resides in the Bancroft Library (BANC MSS 2002/78 cz).


Parade in honor of Mrs. Lakshmi Pandit starting from the Stockton railroad depot on May 11, 1945.



East India National Company grocery store at 122 Second St., Marysville, California.



Bharat Grocery Store at 316 First St, Marysville, California: a social center for the Sikh community.



Male members of the Puna Singh family




SikTemple in Stockton on the occasion of a celebration




South Asian Culture in California

Announcement for a Hindu folk dance in Los Angeles, circa 1950.






Announcement for dance classes in Los Angeles, 1950.




Musician in concert in California.


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