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Southeast Asia Studies: Special Collections


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Special Collections



CORMOSEA Technical Processes ArchivesCollection of historical technical processes files about Southeast Asia cataloging and classification issues collected by CORMOSEA (Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia), Subcomittee on Technical Processes from 1980-1990. 

David P. Barrows Papers, 1890-1954Monographs, diaries, manuscripts, photographs, maps and papers, and numerous materials on the Philippines from 1900-1909 (due, in large part, to his residence in the country from 1900-1906, during which, part of this time, he served as Secretary of Education for the Philippines government. (Barrows was the 9th President of the University of California from 1919 to 1923, UC Berkeley professor of Philippine history, author of History of the Philippines, and namesake of Barrows Hall beginning in 1963). 

The Hann So Collection on Cambodia ArchiveMaterials focus largely on Cambodian-American support for the forces opposing the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia in the years leading up to the Paris Peace Accords; includes a broad range of documents in English, French, and Khmer, spanning the period from 1979-1993 and especially strong in documenting the development of the publication "Khmer Conscience."  

The Indochina Archive Gift CollectionCollection directed by former U.S. Foreign service officer Douglas Pike and located off campus of over 300,000 items on the history of the Vietnam War and contemporary Indochina, heavily used by scholars all over the world

Indonesian Popular Serial Fiction: Martial Arts, RomanceCollection of popular serial fiction translated into Malay and Indonesian; fiction includes Chinese "kung fu" stories by Chinese Indonesian and indigenous Indonesian authors, as well as a small number of "Cerita silat bergambar" or "silat" comic books. 

Interviews and Life Histories of Thai WritersCollection of 48 sound tape reels containing the life histories and ideas of Thai intellectuals writing during the 1950s-1970s. Collected by Professor Herbert P. Phillips in 1975-1976, the tapes are raw field data and, thus, highly variable in length, detail, and richness. The speakers are considered to be key informants on Thai culture and include: M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, M.L. Boonlua Kunjara Thebayasuwan, Bhuthathaad Bhikkhu, Sulak Sivaraksa, Lao Khamhom, Angkhau Kanlayanaphong, Puey Ungphakom, Suchit Wongthet, Chintana Yaudsunthormn, Rong Wongsawan, Vasit Dejkhumjom, Seni Sauvapong, and Archin Banchaphaan. 

John Spragens Gift Collection. Collection includes fiction and poetry from North and South Vietnam, historically focused materials and memoirs (mainly from North Vietnam), and academic journals and popular periodicals (also mainly from North Vietnam). The collection also includes a number of English-language titles from North Vietnam, including a nearly complete series of the journal Vietnamese Studies. Additionally, it includes sound reels (cataloged under the title "Ambient Sounds from Tra Vinh, Vietnam") recorded by John Spragens from the front window at his house at 66/7 Pham Hong Thai Street in Tra Vinh, Vietnam. These date from August 31st, 1967 to February 20th, 1968 and contain both every day sounds of people as well as the sounds of planes and bombing. 

Lawrence (George) G. Briggs' GiftsLarge number of precious tems on Indonesia, Indochina, and the Malay Peninsula donated by the former U.S. Consul. 

Malay Narrative Poems from South Kalimantan Written in Jawi ScriptCollection of photocopied Malay manuscripts, probably dated from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, written in Jawi script and consisting of narrative poems (syair). 

McFarland Collection. Archive of materials related to Thailand between 1860 and 1950 donated by one of the earliest and most important American missionary families in Thailand. In addition to rare editions of early Thai printed books, this collection includes journals, diaries, notes, and scrapbooks written by various members of the McFarland family. The collection also contains numerous photorgaphs of Thailand dating from as early as the 1860s. Among these is a particularly valuable group of photographs taken at Angkor Wat and other archaeological sites in Cambodia and Thailand, some dating back to 1878.

Pali Manuscripts. Collection of four Pali manuscripts that have been cataloged individually.

          "Nibbana sutr". In Pali (in Khmer script) and Khmer. Also listed under: Tipitaka Suttapitaka. Dighanikaya.

          "Lpoek Qangar Vatt". Khmer poem on the construction of Angkor Wat.

          "Mahavessantara jataka"  Jataka story of Vessantara, previous birth of Gautama Buddha, Theravada Buddhist canon. In Pali (in Khmer script) and Khmer. 

          "Sangayana"  |  Buddhist recitation from the Vinaya. In Pali (in Khmer script) and Khmer.

Pali Tripitaka in Burmese Script. Donated along with a large number of books, documents, pamphlets, periodicals, and other materials (many of which are Indonesian) provided by the Asia Foundation in 1950; contains many scarce items. (note: in 1983, the Asia Foundation donated its pamphlet collection to the South/Southeast Asia Library).

Publication of Various Indonesian Student Associations Worldwide. Collection of publications (several from the Indonesian Students Association in the United States), most in Indonesian and a few in English. 

Soeharto (Suharto) Speech CollectionCollection of published speeches by Soeharto (Suharto).  View Record

Soekarno (Sukarno) Speech Collection. Collection of published speeches by Soekarno (Sukarno), most in Indonesian and several in English. 

Swift Family Collection of Palm-leaf Manuscripts, (Approximately 1782-1898). Collection of Buddhist palm-leaf manuscripts from Thailand, several of which figured prominently in "The Written Word Remains", a display of manuscripts and rare printed books fro South and Southeast Asia assembled from library, faculty, and private collections and exhibited in the Main Library from March to June of 1977.  View Record

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