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Sociology: Starting Points

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"The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden." - Pierre Bourdieu, from On Television

This introduction offers sources and tips for navigating our wealth of available research in sociology. The next tabs focus on areas of interest. Sociology is interdisciplinary, so if you're struggling to find something, check out the guides for anthropology, psychology, or economics--or contact your librarian!


At the library homepage the default search box will search hundreds of databases (see what's included). The online library catalog is called Oskicat and provides specifics about items in the physical collections and access points for digital resources. Melvyl searches libraries in the entire UC system, and also returns citations from a range of databases.

Journal Article Indexes and Collections

Definitions, Reference and the Annual Review

Doe, Main Stacks, and Moffitt Library floorplans

Looking for a book or location in Doe, Main Stacks or Moffitt? 
Try the library floorplans for:

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Ready to use statistical sources, some with simple table and map creation functions. 

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