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Dance: Links


@URL Internet Consultants: Dance (New Zealand). Many links to dance sites.

Art of Middle Eastern Dancing (by Shira). Uncovers information about belly dancing Links to news, reviews, and dancers/companies with focus on the United Kingdom. Links to over 3000 companies from all over the world.

Cyberdance. Over 3500 links to classical ballet and modern dance Internet resources.

Dance Links. Easy way to get to sites about companies, newsgroups, publications, organizations, funding, dance schools, dancers.

DanceUK. Information about healthier dancing

Dance Europe. Many links to dance company web sites; arranged by country and then by company.

Digital Librarian: Performing Arts. Librarian Margaret Vail Anderson chooses the best sites from the web. This section has many links to dance sites. Created by a partnership between the Arts Council England, London and Sadler's Wells to provide dance information for London. Provides news, directories.

New York Public Library's Best of the Web: Dance

Performing Arts in America 1875-1923. Developed by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, this site contains over 16,000 objects from its music, dance and theater collections, including newspaper clippings and photographs. The site can be searched and browsed.

Royal Academy of Dance. Promotes the understanding and practice of dance.

Sapphire Swan Dance Directory. Guide to dance Internet resources with separate listing by many kinds of dance. The site can be searched.

Tap Dance Homepage. Lots of information about current performances, history, tap in film.

Voice of Dance. Sponsored by Danskin, this site gives lots of information about dance education, performance, a calendar of events, and reviews of performances

Voice of the Shuttle: Dance. VoS is woven by Alan Liu and a team from the University of California at Santa Barbara English Department who vet Internet sites for accuracy and appropriateness. The dance section leads to a variety of information on Asian dance, dance departments, history, technology, various kinds of dance, companies and other resources.
Information about groups touring in the UK and calendar of upcoming dance performances at many venues. Also useful reference/news links.

And more

Devils of the Americas  Angela Marino Segura's website is "dedicated to the research, participation and continuation of fiestas, religious manifestations, and carnivals of devils dances in the Americas. Their appearances help to untangle one of the most charged figures in history; a figure highly symbolic that carries the charge of 'evil' and 'play' along with honor, faith and collective action that simultaneously center and diffuse the binary of good and evil."  Spanish and English versions.


American Dance Guild. Founded in 1956, the ADG promotes the art of the dance.

American Dance Therapy Organization. The ADTO works to "establish and maintain high standards of professional education and competence in the field of dance/movement therapy."

Association for Dance Movement Therapy (UK). The organization tries to "further communication amongst dance movement therapists, students & practitioners."

British Dance Council. The governing body for ballroom dance in England, Scotland and Wales.

British Theatre Dance Association. Dance professionals and teachers who maintain standards for theater dance. Creates syllabi and gives awards.

Canadian Dance Assembly. A dance service organization for Canadian dance professionals.

Cecchetti Council of America. Maintains of ballet training established by Enrico Cecchetti.

Centre for Performance Research. "Established in 1988, by Richard Gough and Judie Christie, the Centre for Performance Research is a theatre organization based in Wales and working internationally. It produces: innovative performance work; arranges workshops, conferences, lectures and master classes; collaborates and exchanges with theatre companies of international significance; publishes and distributes theatre books and runs a multi-cultural performance resource centre."

Congress on Research in Dance. Founded in 1965, CORD tries "to encourage scholars in dance to research, publish, and discuss material from all areas of dance." CORD publishes Dance Research Journal.

Council for Dance Education and Training
Founded in London in 1979, the "Council for Dance Education and Training is the national standards body of the professional dance industry. It accredits programmes of training in vocational dance schools and holds the Register of Dance Awarding Bodies, the directory of teaching societies whose syllabuses have been inspected and approved by the Council. It is the body of advocacy of the dance education and training communities and offers a free and comprehensive information service - Answers for Dancers - on all aspects of vocational dance provision to students, parents, teachers dance artists and employers."

Cross-Cultural Dance Resources. Established in 1981, the organization fosters research on dance and maintains the archive of Eleanor King, early modern dancer and dance scholar.

Dance Critics Association. Created in 1973 to serve the needs of working dance critics.

Dance Heritage Coalition. "The DHC is a national alliance of institutions holding significant collections of materials documenting the history of dance. Its mission is to preserve, make accessible, enhance and augment the materials that document the artistic accomplishments in dance of the past, present, and future."

Dance Masters of America. Founded in 1884, the organization sets standards and certifies dance educators.

Dance Notation Bureau. Formed in 1940 to advance the art of dance through the use of Labanotation to create dance scores.

Dance/USA. Devoted to advancing the art form of dance, Dance/USA is the national service organization for professional dance. 

Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society. Founded in 1970 to "promote knowledge of early dance."

George Balanchine Foundation. Founded in 1983, its "mission is to utilize the Balanchine legacy to advance the development of dance and its allied arts in the United States and throughout the world on behalf of the dance community at large."

Institute of Historical Dance. Founded by Lieven Baert in 1992 "to research, preserve and perform social and theatrical dances of Western Europe between 1450 and 1920."

International Association for Dance Medicine & Science. Formed to promote "medical, scientific, and educational activities aimed at enhancing the treatment and training of dancers with the ultimate goal of improving dancers' health, well-being, and performance."

International Tap Association. A useful site with information about tap dancers, performances, film, a glossary, list of books, and index of tap steps.

National Association of Schools of Dance. Establishes national standards for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

National Dance Council of America. The official governing body for dancing in the U. S.

United Square Dancers of America. Lots of links to square dance organizations.

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