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Video Streaming & Clipping for Instructors: Home

Tools to support instructors in assigning streaming video, using clips and making video accessible to make the most of your precious class time.

MRC NEWS FALL 2017: Can you stream it?

See the Video Sources Tab for your best options for locating stable streaming video sources for use in instruction and research.

Please send your MRC related requests, including reservations, purchases, streaming, captioning, clipping, digitizing etc. to

Gisele is telecommuting for Spring 2017:

She is available Mon-Fri 2-6pm for consultations via email/chat/skype or on campus by special appointment and has office hours at the Academic Innovation Studio, 117 Dwinelle, on the 1st Wednesday of the month, from 10AM-12PM.

Get your clip on!

Through the AC/MRC initiative, AC Fellows and non-AC participants from 16 different academic departments have identified over 150 clips from over 100 films, including:

  • "Redlining" from Race the Power of an Illusion: The House We Live In (31:25-35:23)
    • Eugene Barnett and his wife describe their experience with housing discrimination upon his return from World War II.
  • "For Native Americans, the Holy Land is Here" from In the Light of Reverence (2:37 - 4:31)
    • Presents Native American ideas of sacred spaces and how ritual and ceremony define sacred space.
  • "You Did Not Invent the Systems You Were Born Into" from Cracking the Codes (23:32-25:44)
    • Discusses how white people can be guided through beginning to think about privilege systems and racism.
  • "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas (38:46-42:50) 
    • John Smith and Pocahontas discuss the term savage, leading Pocahontas to sing Colors of the Wind
  • "Government Regulation of the Financial Sector" from Inside Job (12:11-16:02)
    • Presents the history of government regulation of the financial sector.

To participate in the Initiative, incorporate these great clips in your bCourse site or learn more about using video in your classes, email Gisele Tanasse or The AC Center.



Email MRC staff at for any of the following:

  • Streaming video requests 
  • Captions and subtitles email us as soon as possible if you identify a video you think you may need captioned
  • Clips, cueing and flipping to make the most of your precious class time
  • Purchase requests to add a DVD or streaming title to the collection
  • Screening recommendations we love to be a sounding board when deciding what to show in class
  • Converting or upgrading old formats including VHS, audio casettes, LPs, Beta, Umatic...
  • External BluRay/DVD/disc drives we can lend external drives if your laptop doesn't have one
  • DVDs for classroom use with our 7 day loan period, it's best to reserve DVDs in advance
  • Film identification "I can't remember the title, but I saw this movie where..."
  • Film sourcing we have special powers to track down hard to find films
  • Licensing and PPR for screenings outside of class, we can help identify licensing requirements

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