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Video Streaming & Clipping for Instructors & Students: More Clipping/Cueing Tips

Tools to support instructors in assigning streaming video, using clips and making video accessible to make the most of your precious class time.

Miscellaneous Clipping and Cueing tips

Contact if you have a clipping/cueing/digitizing conundrum not covered on this page.

Cueing (allows you to use a URL that points to web-based video--should be used for stable sources)

To cue a YouTube video:

  • Pause the video where you would like it to start
  • Right click and select "Copy URL at current time" 
  • Paste the URL in a browser window to test it

Screen Capturing Clips

We recommend using Snagit for screen capturing video.  It is available for free by appointment to students and instructors at the Media Resources Center.

Downloading Web Videos (allows you to save a copy of a video on your computer)

There are many software options for downloading web-based video.  For beginners, we generally recommend using a web-based service:

Clipping from a DVD

iMovie: the MRC provides:

  • analog to digital converter boxes and portable Blu-Ray/DVD drives that can be loaned to instructors for taking clips using your own computer
  • a digitization station for use by instructors, including methods to circumvent copy protection (as provided for in exemptions to the DMCA).
  • clipping services for instructors based on individual need: full service, training and/or feedback on content.


Clipping from a Video File

Once you have a video file on your computer, you can easily make clips using VLC

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