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Vision Science: Citation Management

Citation Management Programs

These programs help you manage your citations.

All citation management programs let you:

  • Add citations from databases like PubMed, Web of Science, etc.
  • Organize your citations into folders or groups
  • Add PDF files of articles to the references
  • Format citations in Microsoft Word (and other document programs) to create bibliographies in any of 1000s of styles
  • Share all or part of your database, with various degrees of permissions

Comparison of reference management software (Wikipedia): Comparisons of over 20 desktop-based and web-based tools. Includes information on integration with word processors, supported platforms, import/export capabilities, citation styles, and more.


Mendeley is a free citation manager and academic social network with web-based, desktop, and mobile versions.

- Free software
- UC Berkeley Mendeley users gain access to Mendeley Institutional Edition by accessing Mendeley via a UCB IP address. This gives UC Berkeley users 100GB personal library space, 100GB shared library space, 100 collaborators in private groups, and unlimited private groups. - After leaving UC Berkeley, alumni will have access to Mendeley Institutional Edition for 12 months.
- Create searchable databases of your readings
- Automatically insert citations in your writing

Need help? See the Mendeley guide


RefWorks is cloud-based and allows for easy collaboration.

- Software provided by the UC Berkeley Library to UCB students, staff, and faculty.
- A UC Berkeley institutional account includes unlimited document storage, easy UCB-wide sharing and sharing outside UCB, phone and email tech support, training, and more
- Automatically insert citations in your writing
- UC-eLinks works inside RefWorks
- Pop-ups must be allowed for RefWorks to function correctly. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups, and your Java is up to date

Need help? See the RefWorks guide

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