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California Government: Voting, Elections, and Propositions

Resources from the California Government.


These links will provide information on current voting in California.

  • CA Secretary of State - The office in charge of voting and elections in California
  • Register to Vote - If you are a U.S. citizen age 18 years or older and a resident of California, register to vote online.
  • Political Parties in CA - Provides information on qualified parties (including contact information), parties attempting to qualify, how to qualify a political party, etc
  • CA Voter Bill of Rights
  • Upcoming Elections
  • Power Search -- Developed in partnership with the CA Secretary of State, allows access to electronically-reported, state-level campaign contribution raw data from 2001.  Find contributions and independent expenditures.
  • SOS Political Reform Division --  Provides campaign finance information.  Some files go back to the mid-1990's


California has a direct initiative process, where any voter, after following the guidelines, can propose and qualify a proposition to be voted on by the general public.  These links will provide information on California propositions and initiatives.

Historic Election and Voting Statistics

Below you will find information on how many people voted, how many people registered, voting guides, and election outcomes.