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EPS 80: Environmental Earth Sciences: Articles & Books

This guide provides information on locating books and journal articles for your research in the environmental sciences.

Research resources for The Uninhabitable Earth

Original article:


Search one of these databases for articles on your topic related to Uninhabitable Earth.

Other recently published books on climate change:

What is Start Your Search?

Start Your Search brings back results from the library catalog OskiCat, articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers indexed through databases (some but not all), and online encyclopedias and dictionaries like Oxford University Press.

How can you filter through the results? Here is an illustrated example:


Building a Search

Think about your keywords, and their synonyms and variations, before constructing your search. Since different authors might use different terms for the same concept, searching with synonyms helps you find more articles related to your topic. Take advantage of database search techniques to find the most relevant articles for your research. Here's an example:

(global warming or climate change) and (agricultur* or farm*)

What search techniques are being used in this example?

  • AND narrows your search by looking for articles with all of the words
  • OR broadens your search by looking for articles with any of the words
  • Truncation symbols (*) look for all variant endings for your search terms.

Here are two images from the Library Workshop 101 tutorial on Basic Search that further explain these concepts:

Visual explanantion of AND and OR with Venn diagrams

For a fuller explanation of these, view the Basic Search tutorial.