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Electronic Research Notebooks: Other Uses for ENs

Record keeping is an essential part of effective data management, electronic research notebooks (ERNs) offer a digital approach to data collection.

Course Organization

Image of several paper notebooks stacked up.Electronic Notebooks (ENs) also function outside of a laboratory. Platforms like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote are not limited to experimental recordkeeping. One digital notebook can contain information from several courses, no more carrying a heavy backpack full of binders or paper notebooks, never forget your class notes again!

      ENs can also be used for:

  • working collaboratively 
  • event planning 
  • meeting records

Personal Organization

Here are several more potential non-laboratory uses for ENs!Image of organized binders.

  • trip planning among friends
  • keep recipes from the web
  • keep track of finances
  • write a diary
  • draft a book

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