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PH 270B: Toxicology I: Find Books/Reports

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Overview/summary of most aspects of a specific substance:
  » Try HSDB or Environmental Health Criteria or eChemPortal
Entire Books/Reports
  » Try OskiCat, IARC Monographs, NTP Study Reports, or NTRL
Association of substances with a particular disease:
  » Try HSDB or CHE Toxicant and Disease Database or PubMed

Bold resources are listed below and links go to other pages.

Electronic Book Collections

  • CRCnetBase
    NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff and students.
    • Thousands of titles on chemistry, environmental science, food science, and more.
  • Knovel Library
    NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff and students.
    • Over 2,000 titles on biology, food science, and more. Selected titles include Comprehensive Toxicology (2010) and Sittig's Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens (2017).
    • Browse subject areas or search.
  • National Academies Press Books
    • The NAP publishes reports issued by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council. Over 4,000 NAP books are now available for free download in pdf format. Sign in required to download PDF book and chapters. Subject categories include agriculture, environment and environmental studies, food and nutrition, and health and medicine.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry eBook Collection
    NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff and students.
    • Collection of over 1,000 biology, chemical science, medicinal drug discovery books published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Springer eBooks
    NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff and students.
    • This collection of most of the Springer scientific, technical and medical books published from 2005 to present.
  • Wiley Online Library Ebook Collection
    NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff and students.
    • The collection includes books in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical & medicinal chemistry, food science, genetics, medicine, healthcare, and more. Access icons indicate which titles are included in our subscription.

Books and Reports

  • Environmental Health Criteria (International Programme on Chemical Safety, WHO)
    • "International, critical reviews on the effects of chemicals or combinations of chemicals and physical and biological agents on human health and the environment."
    • For those not available full text online the Library call number is: RA565.A1 E55
  • IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans from the International Agency for Research on Cancer
    • Independent assessments by international experts of the carcinogenic risks to humans posed by a variety of agents, mixtures and exposures.
    • Index of all the monographs and supplements. A few recent monographs are available full text.
    • The full monographs have the Library call number: RC267.A1.I2
  • NTRL (National Technical Reports Library)
    • Citations and some full text for technical reports from the Departments of Defense, Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and other government agencies.
  • NTP Study Reports from the National Toxicology Program, US DHHS
    • Includes long-term toxicology and carcinogenesis studies, short-term toxicity studies, developmental toxicity, reproductive assessment by continuous breeding, and other reports.
    • Full text reports include the Toxicity Studies and Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies.
  • OEHHA Toxicity Criteria Database from Cal/EPA
    • Search by chemical name, CAS number, or select from a list to view cancer potency information, acute reference exposure levels, chronic reference exposure levels, California Public Health Goals, and Prop 65 NSRLs/MADLs.
  • OHAT Evaluations and Workshops from the National Toxicology Program Office of Health Assessment and Translation
    • "This office conducts evaluations to assess the evidence that environmental chemicals, physical substances, or mixtures (collectively referred to as "substances") cause adverse health effects and provides opinions on whether these substances may be of concern given what is known about current human exposure levels."
  • Report on Carcinogens from the National Toxicology Program, US DHHS
    • "The report identifies agents, substances, mixtures, and exposure circumstances that are known or reasonably anticipated to cause cancer in humans."
  • Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials
    NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff and students.
    • Includes toxicological, flammability, reactivity, and regulatory information for about 28,000 substances.
    • Toxicology data references reports of primary skin and eye irritation, mutation, reproductive, carcinogenic, and acute toxic dose data.
  • Toxicological Profiles from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, CDC
    • National Priorities List of hazardous substances.
    • Profiles include health effects, chemical information, production, use and disposal, potential for human exposure, regulations, references, and more.
    • Draft and final profile reports available.
    • 2-,4-D (Draft)


  • OskiCat (UCB catalog)
    • Search on the chemical substance
    • Other possible subjects: cancer, diet, endocrine toxicology, nanoparticles, nanostructured materials - health aspects, pesticides, reproductive toxicology