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POLI SCI 124C: Ethics and Justice in International Affairs: News and Gov Info

Government Information

The below sources from U.S. and international governments will provide a wealth of information for your research projects.  For more on U.S. diplomatic relations, see our U.S. Foreign Relations Guide.

Finding Current Government Information

Use the search box below to discover current government information.  This box is a customized Google search and will search all .gov and .mil websites.

You can also hack a Google search by adding or to any search.  This will limit your search to those domains.  More information on advanced Google searching can be found in the Library's Google Research Made Easy guide.

News Resources

Below are some news and newsmedia databases.

For a full listing of the Library's news resources, check the drop-down below.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) can provide you a wealth of information from foreign news sources.  The U.S. State Department ran the FBIS to translate foreign language newspapers, wires, and broadcasts into English.  FBIS only translated information relating to U.S. interests, and only distributed to the public a select amount of what was translated.