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Benedict Anderson: Collected Works and Memorial

photo of Benedict Anderson courtesy of Cornell University



Thinking Comparatively:


Celebrating Benedict Anderson's Scholarship​



New Left Review Bio

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Works By and About Professor Benedict Anderson​

Mythology and the tolerance of the Javanese

1959 - 1969

Bibliography of Indonesian Publications: Newspapers, Non-government Periodicals and Bulletins, 1945-1958, at Cornell University [1959]  | [electronic resource]

Some Aspects of Indonesian Politics Under the Japanese Occupation: 1944-1945 [1961]  |  [electronic resource] 

Mythology and the Tolerance of the Javanese [1965]  |  [1996]

Indonesia: Social and Cultural Revolution [1966] (Translated)

Indonesia (Ithaca, N.Y.) [1966-]  ​​​(Journal)​

A preliminary analysis of the October 1, 1965 coup in Indonesia

Java in a time of revolution : occupation and resistance, 1944-1946

1970 - 1979

A Preliminary Analysis of the October 1, 1965, Coup in Indonesia [1971] 

Java in a Time of Revolution; Occupation and Resistance, 1944-1946 [1972]  |  [1988]  |  [electronic resource]

Notes on Indonesian Political Communication [1974?]

Religion and Social Ethos in Indonesia [1977]

Studies of the Thai State: Paper Submitted to the Conference on the State of Thai Studies, Chicago, March 30, 1978 [1978]

Prepared Testimony on Human Rights in Indonesia for the Subcommittee on International Organizations of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, Ninety-fifth Session, February 15, 1978 / [1978]


Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalismImagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism1980 - 1989

Interpreting Indonesian Politics: Thirteen Contributions to the Debate [1982] 

Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism [1983]  |  [1991]  |  [2006]  |  [electronic resource]

Dyer's Art, Weaver's Hand: Textiles from the Indonesian Archipelago [1985]





The spectre of comparisons : nationalism, Southeast Asia, and the world

Mapping the nation

Language and power : exploring political cultures in Indonesia1990 - 1999

Language and Power: Exploring Political Cultures in Indonesia [1990]  |  [2006]

Long-distance Nationalism: World Capitalism and the Rise of Identity Politics  [1992]   

Mapping the Nation [1996]  |  [2012] 

The Spectre of Comparisons: Nationalism, Southeast Asia, and the World [1998]

Mencari Demokrasi [1999]

Gestapu, Matinya Para Jenderal dan Peran CIA [1999]



Why counting counts : a study of forms of consciousness and problems of language in Noli me tangere and El FilibusterismoDebating world literatureUnder three flags : anarchism and the anti-colonial imagination

The fate of rural hell : asceticism and desire in Buddhist Thailand2000 - 2016     

Violence and the State in Suharto's Indonesia [2001]   

Debating World Literature [2004]   

Under Three Flags: Anarchism and the Anti-colonial Imagination [2005]

Why Counting Counts: A Study of Forms of Consciousness and Problems of Language in Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo [2008]

The Fate of Rural Hell: Asceticism and Desire in Buddhist Thailand [2012]

Exploration and Irony in Studies of Siam Over Forty Years [2014]

A Life Beyond Boundaries [2016]

Authored the Introduction


No concessions : the life of Yap Thiam Hien, Indonesian human rights lawyer

Anarchism and syndicalism in the colonial and postcolonial world, 1870-1940 : the praxis of national liberation, internationalism, and social revolution

Tales from Djakarta : caricatures of circumstances and their human beings1999

Tales from Djakarta: Caricatures of Circumstances and Their Human Beings



Anarchism and Syndacalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870-1940: The Praxis of national Liberation, Internationalism, and Social Revolution  |  [2014]



No Concessions: the Life of Yap Thiam Hien, Indonesian Human Rights Lawyer [Electronic Resource]

Edited or Co-edited


Pen and sail : literature and history in early Bangkok including the history of Bangkok in the chronicles of Ayutthaya

Book Cover1966 - 2016

Indonesia (Ithaca, N.Y.) (Journal)



In the Mirror: Literature and Politics in Siam in the American Era



Pen and Sail: Literature and History in Early Bangkok Including the History of Bangkok in the Chronicles of Ayutthaya

Biographical or Autobiographical


A life beyond boundariesGrounds of comparison : around the work of Benedict AndersonThe Oxford companion to politics of the worldFifty key thinkers in international relations1999

Fifty Key Thinkers in International Relations  |  [2010]



The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World  |  [2006]



Grounds of Comparison: Around the Work of Benedict Anderson



A Life Beyond the Boundaries: A Memoir

Authored Included Excerpts


Cosmopolitics : thinking and feeling beyond the nation

Media in global context : a reader


Asia, case studies in the social sciences : a guide for teaching

Culture and politics in Indonesia1970s - 1990s

Culture and Politics in Indonesia [1972]

Popular Fiction: Technology, Ideology, Production, Reading [1990]

Asia, Case Studies in the Social Sciences: A Guide for Teaching [1992]

Nationalism [1994]

East Timor at the Crossroads: The Forging of a Nation [1995] 

Becoming National: A Reader [1996]

Media in Global Context: A Reader [1997]

Cosmopolitics: Thinking and Feeling Beyond the Nation [1998]


The post-colonial studies readerThe fate of the nation-state

At the risk of being heard : identity, indigenous rights, and postcolonial states

The new social theory reader : contemporary debates

The twilight of globalisation : property, state and capitalism


The Twilight of Globalization: Property, State and Capitalism [2000]

The New Social Theory Reader: Contemporary Debates [2001]

At the Risk of Being Heard: Identity, Indigenous Rights, and Postcolonial States [2003]  |  [electronic resource]

The Fate of the Nation State [2004]  |  [electronic resource]

The Shifting Foundations of Modern Nation-states: Realignments of Belonging [2004]

The Norton anthology of theory and criticismThe Indonesia reader : history, culture, politicsBeyond wilderness : the Group of Seven, Canadian identity and contemporary artDogmas and dreams : a reader in modern political ideologiesDogmas and dreams : a reader in modern political ideologiesThe Post-colonial Studies Reader [2006]

Dogmas and Dreams: A Reader in Modern Political Ideologies [2006]  |  [2011]

Beyond Wilderness: The Group of Seven, Canadian Identity and Contemporary Art [2007]  |  [electronic resource]

The Indonesian Reader: History, Culture, Politics [2009]

The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism [2010]