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Building and Landscape Types: Specific Building and Landscape Types

This is a general and introductory guide to information sources on architectural and landscape architecture precedents, typologies, and building and landscape types, with a focus on the United States.

Bank Buildings

Selected Search Terms:

Banks and Banking (LC) 
Commercial buildings (LC)

Educational Buildings

Selected Search Terms: 

Academic libraries (LC) 
Auditoriums (LC) 
Campus planning (LC) 
Classrooms (LC) 
College buildings (LC) 
Dormitories (LC) 
Educational facilities 
Elementary school buildings(LC) 
High school buildings (LC) 
Laboratories (LC) 
[name of college--Buildings] (LC) 
School buildings (LC) 
School facilities (LC) 
Student housing (LC)

Garden Structures

Selected Search Terms: 

Cabanas (LC)
Gazebos (LC) 
Greenhouses (LC)
Sheds (LC)


See also History and Literature of Landscape Architecture.

Selected Search Terms: 

Landscape gardening

Health Facilities

Selected Search Terms: 

Health facilities (LC)
Clinics (LC)
Hospitals (LC)

Hospitality Buildings

Selected Search Terms: 

Bars (LC) 
Casinos (LC) 
Hotels (LC) 
Motels (LC) 
Resort architecture (LC) 
Roadside architecture (LC) 
Taverns (LC) 
Visitors centers(LC)


Selected Search Terms: 

Apartment buildings 
Apartment houses (LC) 
Architecture domestic (LC) 
Condominiums (LC) 
Congregate housing (LC) 
Dwellings (LC) 
Highrise apartment buildings (LC) 
Lofts (LC) 
Mobile homes ( LC) 
Nursing homes (LC) 
Old age homes (LC) 
Public housing (LC) 
Row houses (LC) 
Yurts (LC)

Industrial Buildings

  • Commerce and industry / the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings. Historic Sites Survey. [Washington]: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, 1966. National survey of historic sites and buildings. Theme 17-b.
  • Factory. Gillian Darley. London: Reaktion, 2003. Objekt. History and design of factories.
  • Industrial buildings: a design manual / Jurgen Adam, Katharina Hausmann, Frank Juttner. Basel; Boston: Birkhauser Publishers for Architecture, 2004. Includes history, design and construction, examples, bibliography.
  • The works: the industrial architecture of the United States / Betsy Hunter Bradley. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999.

Selected Search Terms: 

Architecture, industrial (LC)
Factories (LC)
Industrial buildings (LC)


See also Library Design.

Selected Search Terms: 

Academic libraries (LC)
Libraries (LC)
Library architecture (LC)
Public libraries (LC)


Selected Search Terms: 

Funerary monuments 
Holocaust memorials (LC) 
Memorials (LC) 
Public sculpture (LC) 
Sepulchral monuments (LC) 
Soldiers monuments (LC) 
Tombs (LC) 
War memorials (LC)

Municipal Buildings

Selected Search Terms: 

City halls (LC) 
Civic buildings 
Civic centers (LC) 
Courthouses (LC) 
Municipal buildings 
[name of place--Public buildings] (LC) 
Public architecture (LC) 
Public buildings (LC)


Selected Search Terms: 

Art galleries, Commercial (LC) 
Art museums (LC) 
Childrens museums (LC) 
Historical museums (LC) 
Museum architecture (LC) 
Museum buildings (LC) 
Museums (LC) 
Science museums (LC)


Selected Subject Terms: 

Commercial buildings (LC)
Office buildings (LC)
Skyscrapers (LC)

Parks and Plazas

  • City parks. Produced by Actuality Productions Inc. for the History Channel; written and produced by Shelley Ann Lawrence. [videorecording] [New York, NY]: A&E Television Networks: New Video Group [distributor], 1999. 50 min.
  • "The courthouse square: a study of four types" / Matthew J. Bell. New city 1993-1994 Winter, n.2:36-51.
  • Defining the sustainable park: a fifth model for urban parks / Galen Cranz, Michael Boland. Landscape journal, v.23, n.2: 102-120, 2004. bibl. Identifies 4 types of parks and suggests a 5th new one.
  • Great American amusement parks: a pictorial history / Gary Kyriazi. Secausus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1976.
  • Park and the town: public landscape in the 19th and 20th centuries / George F. Chadwick. London: Architectural Press, 1966. Covers development of public parks in US & Europe. Illus., bibl, plans.
  • Park practice design. Washington, D.C., Park Practice Program. 1957-72. Illus., plans & details for hundreds of park buildings and structures. Cum. Index. Also online.
  • The Social life of small urban spaces / Municipal Art Society of New York; by William H. Whyte. [videorecording] Los Angeles, CA: Direct Cinema Limited, 1990.60 min. Important documentary on the design and use of small urban spaces. Investigates the factors which encourage and inhibit the use of plazas, and makes recommendations for their successful design.
  • Urban spaces I: streets and squares / Francisco Asensio Cerver. Barcelona: Arco Editorial Board, 1994. World of environmental design, v.1.

Selected Search Terms: 

Amusement parks (LC) 
Business parks (LC) 
Greenbelts (LC) 
National parks (LC) 
Open spaces (LC) 
Parks--United States--Buildings (LC) 
Pedestrian areas (LC) 
Playgrounds (LC) 
Recreational areas (LC) 
Research parks ((LC) 
Urban parks (LC)

Recreational and Sports Facilities

Selected Search Terms: 

Arenas (LC) 
Baseball fields (LC) 
Fairgrounds (LC) 
Gymnasiums (LC) 
Health resorts (LC) 
Parks (LC) 
Physical fitness centers (LC) 
Recreation centers (LC) 
Recreational areas (LC) 
Sports facilities (LC) 
Stadiums (LC) 
Swimming pools (LC)

Religious Buildings

See also Graduate Theological Union Library.

Selected Search Terms: 

Catholic church buildings (LC) 
Church architecture (LC) 
Church buildings (LC) 
Churches (LC) 
Liturgy and architecture (LC) 
Monasteries (LC) 
Mosques (LC) 
Protestant church buildings (LC) 
Religious Facilities (LC) 
Synagogues (LC) 
Temples (LC)


Selected Search Terms: 

Bars (LC) 
Coffee shops (LC) 
Coffeehouses (LC) 
Delicatessens (LC) 
Diners (LC) 
Drive-in restaurants (LC) 
Ethnic restaurants< 
Fast food restaurants (LC) 
Food industry and trade (LC) 
Restaurants (LC)


Selected Search Terms: 

Arcades (LC) 
Chain stores (LC) 
Commercial buildings (LC) 
Convenience stores (LC) 
Farmers markets (LC) 
Grocery trade (LC) 
Markets (LC) 
Shopping Centers (LC) 
Shopping Malls (LC) 
Stores, Retail (LC) 
Supermarkets (LC)

Streets and Paths

Selected Search Terms: 

City planning (LC)
Garden walks (LC)
Pedestrian areas (LC)
Streets (LC)
Trails (LC)
Urban beautification (LC)


Selected Search Terms: 

Amphitheaters (LC) 
Arts facilities (LC) 
Cultural centers 
Drive-in theaters (LC) 
Entertainment facilities (LC) 
Motion picture theaters (LC) 
Theater, Open-air 
Theaters (LC)

Transportation Building

Selected Search Terms: 

Bus Terminals (LC)
Railroad stations (LC)
Roadside rest areas (LC)
Toll plazas (LC)
Transportation buildings


Selected Search Terms:

Coasts (LC), 
Harbors (LC), 
Piers (LC), 
Water resources development (LC), 
Waterfronts (LC), 
Wharves (LC)