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Library Exhibits Guide: Home

This guide is intended to provide information to library staff about creating physical & online exhibits.

About Library Exhibits

The Library Exhibits program is designed to engage students, faculty, staff, and visitors with Library collections. These exhibits may be scheduled in conjunction with campus and Library events, important scholarly meetings on campus, faculty honors, publications, or other significant occasions. While the Library’s principal interest is in the display of its own resources, exhibits of materials from outside the Library are also considered. Exhibits are produced to educate, share information, and entertain while inspiring discussion on a wide range of issues. Materials selected for display are intended to place the exhibit in an appropriate historical and/or cultural context.

This Guide is intended to bring together information for staff about making exhibits for the Library.

For more information about the Exhibits Committee visit

Exhibits Planning

Exhibits Proposal Form:

Have an idea for an exhibit you want to curate? Submit the Proposal Form

Online Exhibits - Key Documents

Digital exhibits present a unique opportunity to explore themes from a variety of topics available in the UC Berkeley Libraries. Similarly to physical exhibits, born-digital exhibits are curated to educate and engage viewers, and supplemental online exhibits, complement physical works, in addition to serving as an archive for users. You can visit the Spotlight exhibits page to see our most recent digital exhibits projects, or access the complete list of virtual exhibits on the online exhibits page.

Digital Exhibits Guidelines: Toolkit

Create a Spotlight exhibit (creating an account, etc.)

Exhibit Locations

Physical Exhibits - Key Documents

Curating well-crafted exhibits takes time and dedication—making exhibitions as critical to the educational experience as the published research material. Physical and digital exhibits provide access to public and rare research collections, used to represent the diversity of scholarship within the Library. The Exhibits Committee has created this LibGuide as a resource for curators and researchers who are interested in engaging others through the use of visual exhibitions. 

Physical Exhibits Best Practices:

Gallery Floor Plans and Display Case Descriptions:

Exhibits Documents

1. Exhibits Manual

A comprehensive instructions guide on submitting proposals and curating exhibits. 

2. Fine Art Risk Management Form

If requested, please complete and submit this form to the Library Exhibits Coordinator prior to delivery of the exhibition items to the exhibits gallery/cases. 

3. Art Exhibition Loan Agreement

Record of non-Library collection items are identified on this loan agreement and submitted to the Library Exhibits Coordinator. 

4. Exhibit Archives: 1979 until Present

A comprehensive list of Library Exhibits managed by the Library Exhibits Committee.