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Miller Scholars, Fall 2022

Instructor: Giulianetti

UC Library Search (short version)

 UC Library Search infographic about what is included

UC Library Search is the University of California's unified discovery and borrowing system.

Access it directly or from the Library homepage to find most UC books, articles, media, archival collections, and more.

See the UC Library Search User Guide and ask for research help 24/7 for more information.

Sample Searches - UC Library Search

SIGN IN!  even if you're using VPN or proxy

1.  keywords; phrases; alternative terms

sustainability AND education AND university

"sustainability education" AND "higher education"

on the left, limit to scholarly/peer reviewed articles; or limit to books, by language...


2.  keywords;  variant word endings; alternative terms

    "transpersonal psycholog*"

     latino* AND farmworker* AND injur*
     latino* AND farmworker* AND safety

* = truncation symbol/wildcard; child* = child, childs, children, childhood, childish...


3.  search by subject

EITHER:  click on a subject heading when you see it, OR

advanced search > pull down the "any field" menu to "subject" and add your search terms:

    african americans in motion pictures


4.  advanced search, combining terms

    "film school*"

     diversit* OR minorit* OR "african american*" OR black*