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UC Berkeley Campus Research Guide: Planners and Designers

This is a guide to finding information about the UC Berkeley campus, including individual buildings, features, landscapes, artworks, and plans.

Planners and Designers

Brown, Arthur Jr. (1874-1957) - University architect from 1938 - 1948.

Developed a new plan for the campus based on John Galen Howard's plan. Buildings on campus include Stern Hall, Mulford Hall, Cowell Hospital (demolished), Minor Hall, Sproul Hall, and others. After his term as Supervising Architect for the campus, his firm continued to do projects on campus.

Church, Thomas Dolliver (1902-1978) – Consulting Landscape Architect, 1960s-70s

Did various plans and reports for several areas of campus 1964-70, including landscape master plans in 1961 and 1966.

Howard, John Galen (1864-1931) - University architect, 1902 - 1927.

Hired as campus architect. Founded the Department of Architecture. Many of the major architects in Northern California at this time trained under him. Buildings on campus include Hearst Mining Building, Greek Theatre, Doe Library, Durant Hall,Wellman Hall, North Gate Hall.

Kelham, George (1871-1936) - University architect, 1927 - 1938.

Developed a new plan for the campus based on Howard's plan. Buildings on campus include Bowles Hall, Cowell Hospital,Davis Hall, Harmon Gymnasium, Minor Hall, and Sproul Hall.

Maybeck, Bernard (1862-1957) - Founder of the Bay Region Style. Lecturer at Berkeley

His pupils included Julia Morgan. With Morgan, designed many buildings on campus including the Men's Faculty Club and the Hearst Gymnasium.

Morgan, Julia (1872-1957)

First licensed woman architect in California. Designed several buildings on campus, most with Bernard Maybeck or John Galen Howard.

 Wurster, William (1895-1973) Dean of the School of Architecture/College of Environmental Design, 1950-1963 (CED founded 1959)

Buildings include Stern Hall

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