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CP C240/LA C250 - Theories of Urban Form and Design: Historic Maps

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Available online:

Physically located at the Earth Sciences & Map Library:

Maps @ the Library

Pro tip! Many of UCB Library's holdings are tagged with subject headings. A common one for finding large-scale maps of cities is "Real property."

To find these in Oskicat, search for subjects beginning with, "Real property -- California." You can browse the list, or add your specific city or county of interest to the search, e.g. "Real property -- California -- Oakland."

Real Estate Atlases:

The Earth Sciences & Map Library has many large scale atlases of Bay Area cities and towns. Often these are called "real estate atlases." Some of them show corresponding aerial photgraphs of the different lots.

To find these in the library, search Oskicat using the phrase, "real estate atlas" california.

Another pro tip! The maps in the Earth Sciences & Maps Library are organized roughly geographically, so one of the best ways to find maps is to browse through a folder of maps.

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