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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

Architecture 110: Social and Cultural Factors in Environmental Design: Images, Maps, and Plans

A strategic bibliographic guide for UC Berkeley students (in particular, students in Architecture 110/210 and Landscape Architecture 140) researching social, cultural, and psychological factors in environmental design.

Searching for images

Note that archives are often an excellent source of images. See the guide Image Sources for the Built Environment or  Image and Sound databases for more resources.

Aerial Photos

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has an excellent collection of aerial photos of California, 1939--present.

Searching for maps

The Earth Sciences and Map Library collection and the Bancroft Library have outstanding collections of maps, especially for California and the Bay Area.

Plat Maps/Fire Insurance Maps

Plat maps, also called fire insurance maps, show a variety of details, including actual lot boundaries, special uses, building materials and building footprints.

For a perspective on ways to use plat maps for research, see Cathy Moulder's article, Fire insurance plans as a data source in urban research: an annotated bibliography of examples, in Art reference services quarterly, V.1:3, 1993. 

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