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Research tools via Citrix FAQ

Remote Access to Research Tools

In partnership with IS&TETS, the School of Social Welfare and the Library, the campus-supported Citrix service has been expanded to provide access to research tools that are costly or difficult to setup on local machines.  This guide answers questions about how to get started with the service and what to expect when using the tools in the virtual lab.

Accessing Citrix

  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the green + sign on the left-hand side of the screen 
  3. With the tools menu expanded, click on "Research Tools"  and select the tools to add to your home screen
  4. Once the tools have been added you can launch them on the main screen.
  1. What tools are supported?
    1. ​Stata and SPSS are currently supported on the Citrix research environment.  Stata has licenses for 20 concurrent users and SPSS has licenses for 40 concurrent users.
  2. How do I access the tools?
    1. ​You can access the tools by going to in your web browser. The first time you visit Citrix you need to install the Citrix Workspace App on your machine.
  3. Where can I get help?
    1. ​The D-Lab is a good source of help for these tools specifically and the process for accessing Citrix-based items generally.
  4. The virtual lab is not meeting my needs, what other options do I have to access these tools?
    1. You can acquire your own license of SPSS via Software Central and Stata via the Stata website
  5. I am getting a "KeyAccess" error when I try to launch Stata - what is wrong?
    1. The Citrix project currently has a limited number of Stata licenses which are tracked using a keyserver.  Try again soon and a key should be released.  We are monitoring the number of concurrent users and will adjust license limits accordingly.
    2. Typical KeyAccess error message:  

What is Citrix

Citrix gives you secure access to certain UC Berkeley applications that are not installed on your computer workstation (e.g., BAIRS; Cal Planning) as well as to applications that can be used for individual projects such as Excel and SPSS.  Using CITRIX eliminates compatibility and security issues that occur when running web browser versions for each application.  

How Do I Access Citrix

Install the Citrix Workspace App:

To access Citrix you will need to download and install the Citrix Workspace App.  The Citrix Workspace App is a client and web browser plug-in that provides you with secure browser access to certain UC Berkeley applications from any location.

Citrix offers Windows, Mac, and Mobile app downloads directly from their website.

To download the Citrix Workspace App go to

Access the Citrix Website:

Once you have downloaded and Installed the Citrix Receiver go to and log in using your CalNet ID and passphrase.


  • The first time you access the Citrix Website you may be asked to allow the plug-in or add-on to run.  Click Allow or Always run.
  • It may take up to 45 seconds to start an application the first time
  • Check you browser's pop-up blocker to ensure it does not prevent you from launching applications
  • If you do not see an application after clicking on it, make sure it did not start behind another window
  • Applications launched via Citrix look like the native applications for your operating system

Get Support

This free software is available as self-service, and is not supported by UC Berkeley IT staff. Check the Citrix Community for self help.